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There are several reasons that you should have knob & tube replaced.

Affordable Knob & Tube Replacement

Knob and tube wiring was the first type of residential wiring that was installed. “It utilizes only two wires per circuit, which means that there is no grounding conductor, which in and of itself is dangerous and a reason to have it professionally replaced.”

Potentionally Dangerous Wiring

10 Reasons to Change Now

  1. The average age of knob and tube (K&T) wiring is around 70 years old. The ravages of time can lead to the wiring and insulation becoming brittle.
  2. Today’s electrical demands are much greater than when the wiring was originally installed. This leads to increased heat build-up in the conductors which will lead to circuit failure and fire.
  3. In today’s homes the National Electrical Code requires more circuits per household because of modern demands. The original K&T circuits typically were wired to supply more device outlets and this can lead to failure. I have heard all the debates about K&T. The simple analogy is a 1929 Ford Model A is a great car, but you won’t see me racing it at the Indy 500.
  4. Device boxes associated with K&T wiring are smaller than modern device boxes. Installing modern receptacles, device, lighting and ceiling fans on these boxes will lead to box overfill violations, overheating and short circuits
  5. Working with this old and brittle wiring, such as replacing a light or a switch and receptacle can easily create a fire hazard.
  6. Due to the lack of color coded conductors in K&T wiring it is very common to have lighting and devices wired improperly. This will lead to a potential shock hazard.
  7. It will reduce the resale value of your home. Many potential buyers will not purchase if K&T wiring is present.
  8. Many of today’s modern electronics rely on a continuous grounding conductor for proper operation and equipment protection. The absence of a ground wire in K&T wiring can lead to expensive equipment damage.
  9. The standard wiring technique found in K&T wiring (the separation of the actual conductors in a wall or joist bay) can create a condition known as inductive heating in metal device boxes. If the device box is in contact with a combustible material (insulation, wood lath in plaster walls) it can lead to ignition and fire. Knob and tube wiring was never intended to be encased in an insulating medium.
  10. Today many insurance companies will cancel your policy or at the very least charge you a large premium if K&T is present in your home.

The best thing to do is find a qualified licensed electrician and come up with a plan. It is pretty involved to replace it with new wiring. It may be more budget conscious to replace one room at a time.