Lighting Upgrades

Lighting Upgrades

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LED lighting upgrades can save you up to 66% on your electric bill

We Also Do Security & Outdoor Lighting

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Recessed Lighting

Recessed lighting can offer you a flush, streamlined look for home lighting. Recessed lighting can do many things like amplify the amount of ambient light, accentuate artwork, wallpaper, or shelving and open up spaces so they look and feel bigger as well as add a great deal of value to your property.

Our team can help you proportionately space your lighting fixtures, so that they provide an even amount of light for the space you want or we can center your recessed lighting fixtures on objects you wish to illuminate – such as a painting, a bookshelf, and drapes, above fireplaces, sculptures and tables to add a certain look or feel for your home.

Recessed Lighting Displays in our Showroom

Outdoor Lighting

There are a number of reasons you may want to install outdoor lighting. Value added to your home, enhanced aesthetics and better security make landscape lighting a worthwhile investment.

Beauty – we can design and install outdoor lighting that will illuminate and call attention to your landscape at night or it can be used to showcase interesting features in your home’s architecture or your yard.

Security – Use low voltage landscape lighting to shine a light on potential problem areas in your home and deter criminals late at night.

Safety – low voltage outdoor lighting can make walking around your yard safer. It can be used to light up stairways, paths, walkways and prevent tripping and injuries.

Usability –Make your time outdoors even more enjoyable by lighting up the back or front yard. Something as simple as deck lighting or lighting for let you enjoy your yard late into the night. Your overall landscape, we can design and install outdoor lighting that will.

Added Value – outdoor lighting makes your house stand out. Well designed and installed outdoor lighting can add value to your home by improving its appearance and security.

Security Lighting

Do you worry about the safety of your home when you turn out the lights? Security lighting is one of the most popular choices for outdoor lighting and it doesn’t have to be ugly. As a matter of fact, the right kind of outdoor lighting can provide all the benefits of security lighting while giving you a new way to enjoy your yard.

Decrease Burglaries

Also, a recent study done on the effects of security lighting showed a 44% decrease in burglary and a 22% decrease in vandalism in homes that installed security lighting. The best part? You can have low voltage security lighting installed that can be set to turn on automatically when it gets dark and shut off again when the sun comes back up. And even though this lighting doesn’t use a lot of energy, if you’re concerned with wasting electricity you can also install motion detecting lights that will automatically light up any area.