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You may need an electrical panel upgrade if any, or a number of the following things occur at your home:

  • Your lights flicker or dim?
  • Are your circuit breakers tripping and turning off?
  • Do your fuses in the fuse box, blow regularly?
  • Does your electrical panel box make a crackling sound?
  • Did you add a sauna or a hot tub?
  • Do you need more outlets or do you use multiple extension cords?
  • Do your appliances run efficiently or do they seem to run on less than full power?
  • Do you require a 240 volt circuit?
  • Are your outlets two pronged (not-grounded)?
  • Do you need a GFI outlet installed?
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Fuse Boxes

Fuse Boxes Repaired & Replaced

Fuses DO NOT meet the specifications for many of today’s electric components

Fuse Boxes can be dangerous to your family as an overload could result in a fire

Fuse Box Replacement

  • Replace Old Fuse Box
  • Replace fuse box with circuit breaker
  • Install New Circuit Panel
  • Blown Fuse
  • Breaker Switch
  • Troubleshooting Blew a Fuse
  • Install 40 Circuit Panel
  • Install New Circuit Breaker
  • Install Circuit Breaker Box
  • Install Dedicated Circuit For Garbage Disposal
  • Repair Main Circuit Breaker
  • Install Dedicated Circuit for a Pool
  • Installing Dedicated Circuit Washer And Dryer
  • Install Dedicated Circuit Sump pump
  • Install Dedicated for High Output Devices

Fuse Boxes – Serious Safety Issues

A fuse box that has exceeded its life expectancy or has not been maintained properly can create a serious safety issue. The first sign of a need of repair might be the frequency with which fuses blow out. The main reasons for fuses blowing are: wiring may become loose over the years and needs to be re-attached securely. The wiring insulation may also be worn or torn and is contacting the ground. A licensed electrician should inspect the fuse box to avoid the risk of fire.

Fuse Boxes as a Service Panel

The fuse box is an older version of the electrical service panel that contains circuit breakers. Fuse box controls the electrical service within the house. It provides over current protection through the use of fuses, similar to individual circuit breakers. Fuses are a one use device that requires replacement in the event of a short circuit or overload.

Electrical Panels Before & Afters

Old Outdated Service (Before)

Old Outdated Service Updated And Ready For Solar (After)

Outdated Electrical Service (Before)

Outdated Electrical Service With A Transfer Switch (After)

Residential Electric Panel (Before)

Residential Electric Panel (After)

New Panels May Be Cheaper Than You Think

If you are thinking about upgrading your electrical panel, having a new one installed may be cheaper than you think. The current minimum requirement for a residential main service is 100 amps. The most common service size currently is 200 amps. Circuit breaker panel-boards come in a variety of sizes, the most common are 100, 150, 200 and 400 Amps. Old breaker panels, especially those with the old glass fuses (AKA fuse box), are prone to tripping and can cause fires! It’s best to choose a circuit breaker panel that exceeds your electricity needs. Upgrading your electrical panel or adding new circuits to your circuit breaker helps to ensure that your electrical system is equipped to meet your energy needs and protect your family and property.